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Love, is like tea, sometimes hot & steamy and sometimes iced, but always there to comfort you. This bundle is perfect for lovers of tea and the special someone you love. Love isn’t always easy, but making a cup of our tea is.

Occasions: I love you, Valentine's day, Tea lover gift.

These two unique people each got their own unique blends.

Each tea pack contains:

FriTÉ Khalo: Watermelon Rose Hibiscus, Caffeine Free.
Ingredients: Hibiscus*, rosehips*, orange peel*, natural flavor & stevia*.
Quote on back of bag:"I Love you more than my own teas."
KSA Kosher, Octo Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free,

TÉigo Rivera: Hot Cinnamon: Caffeinated
Cinnamon*, honey*, black tea*, cloves*, chili* & natural flavor. (*organic)
KSA Kosher, Octo Organic, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, no sugar added,

20pk in a 100% recycled plastic gift cube
100pk shipped bulk.
100pk in gift box

* Fits The TeaBook Perfectly
* International orders 20pk, cube assembly required.
* Gift box picture used to show gift box. Not actual picture of described product.