About Us

* The TeaBook was founded by two best friends Noah & Jeffrey. They wanted to bring a better way to store, share, and serve tea. Plus, educate and bring joy through punny, kosher, and organic tea.
The partnership was inspired by the story of how Noah's mom sent him a TeaBook prototype before she died. She said in a note "always follow your dreams."

* Today we are the largest company to make a binder like storage device to store your tea collection and our collectible organic tea. We have made representing underrepresented communities' historical figures an important part of what we do. We continue to produce parody and satire, as well as historical figures that have added positiviTEA to the world. 

* Millions of our Teabags have been gifted and enjoyed, by our TeaBook fans!
* 9 Artists from diverse backgrounds and art styles, have drawn for us.
28 Designs, Puns and Flavors.
9 Series: LiTEArary, EqualiTEA, LGBQTEA, ScienTEAist, ArTEAists, LaTEAnX/TEspanic, Med-TEA-Cal, PoliTEAcal, TEAhistoric and ChariTEA.
26 VarieTEA Samplers: MighTea Women of Herstory, AmanTEs, Jew-Tea-Ism, Men of IngenuiTEA, Herbal Floral-Caffeine Free, Black Tea Sampler, MonuMINTal, Bri-TEA-ish, Herbal Fruit/Mint, Ten Sampler A/B, ChrisTEAians, Liberal SuperPAC, Musical ArTEAists, TEAhistoric Park.

* Being Green. Noah, one of the founders has a degree in Biology & Environmental Studies and uses that to make The TeaBook a "Zero Waste Company." He uses his background to make the most ecological choice vs the most popular green perceptions. All our cubes are made from 100% post-consumer plastic, our teas are all organic, ship in the smallest box possible, and we reuse as much of our packaging as we can.