Salvador DalTÉ: Chocolate Mint

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"The Best Thing For Tea Since Water"

Salvador DalTÉ is part of our TÉspanic collecton.
He made the most surreal art, so we made the most surreal Tea.
The flavor was chosen, as the Spanish introduced chocolate to Europe from the new world.
An Peppermint is as refreshing as his art style.

20pk Cube - In a 100% recycled plastic gift cube.
20pk Eco Choice - Save the planet, save some money.
No cube, tape or insert so no waste!  

100pk Bulk - In zipper bag.
100pk Gift Box - Shipped in a gift box.

Each tea pack contains:
* Flavor: Chocolate Mint
* Ingredients: Black Tea*, Cacao shells*, peppermint* and natural flavor. *Organic
* Product Net Weight : .06 Oz (1.8g).
* Limited run: 1st Print (70,000/max print 2,000,000) artistically drawn wrapper.
* Organic & KSA Kosher, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan.
* Fits The TeaBook Perfectly

*International orders 20pk, cube assembly required.
*Gift box picture used to show gift box. Not actual picture of described product.

Brian Bloss

Art hidden refrenences...
Coming soon.