TÉiego Rivera - Hot Cinnamon Tea

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TÉigo Rivera is the father of modern Mexican Muralists. His artwork can be seen all over the world, from Coit Tower in San Fransisco, Chicago, to many plazas in Mexico. He captures the chaos and struggles of the average working person and pays homage to his ancestors.

So we are paying homage to the PositiiTEA he added to the world. He is part of our black tea Sampler, LaTEAnX, Jew-TEA-ism, and Men of IngenuiTEA.

20pk in a 100% recycled plastic gift cube
100pk shipped bulk.
100pk in gift box

Each tea pack contains:
* Flavor: Hot Cinnamon Tea (caffeinated).
* Ingredient:Cinnamon*, honey*, black tea*, cloves*, chili*, and natural flavor. (*organic)
* Quote on back of bag:"I've never believed in god, but I believe in Tea"
* Product Net Weight : .06 Oz (1.8g).
* Limited run: (70,000/max print 2,000,000) artistically drawn wrapper.
* Organic & KSA Kosher, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan.
* Fits The TeaBook Perfectly

*International orders 20pk, cube assembly required.
*Gift box picture used to show gift box. Not actual picture of described product.